1975 Lamborghini Urraco P250


S/N: 15826

You are forgiven if your first reaction to this car was, “What is that?” What you see is an extremely rare example of a little-known Lamborghini from the 1970s. The Urraco, which was initially produced to fill a void below the shapely and decidedly ferocious Miura in Lamborghini’s lineup, has long been considered to be one of the most underrated performance cars to ever emerge from the hallowed works at Sant’Agata in central Italy. It debuted at the 1970 Turin Salon and was penned by Bertone’s Marcello Gandini, who was best known at the time for the Miura but whose status as a Lamborghini stylist was cemented with the Countach that followed. The Urraco was intended to square off against Ferrari’s Dino and Maserati’s Merak, and its wedge look was considerably more modern than that offered up by its rivals.

This particular Urraco is a P250 model, with a compact 2.5 liter transverse V8, and is one of the last P250 models ever manufactured. Originally delivered in Saudi Arabia to a prince, in 1975 the second owner, a US citizen, acquired the car and drove it very infrequently while he was living in Saudi Arabia, due to the condition of the roads in that country at the time.

In 1984, the same owner was moving back to the US, and decided to send the car to the Lamborghini factory in Italy for a full restoration. At that time, the engine was rebuilt, the body was resprayed in its current red color, and the interior was completely refurbished, quite possibly by some of the same craftsmen who built the car ten years earlier. Extensive pictures are available of the restoration process, as well as showing Valentino Balboni, the famous Lamborghini factory test driver, behind the wheel of this car.

After the restoration, the owner enjoyed the car sparingly in the US, only covering a little more than 7,000 miles, until he finally sold the car to its third owner in 2014. The engine was removed again at this time for a full service, including timing belts change, the steering rack was comprehensively rebuilt, and the suspension was refreshed. Cosmetically, the car is essentially untouched since its factory restoration; the interior is in exceptional condition and the paint has a lovely patina.

This quite possibly might be the lowest mileage, as well as the finest, Urraco in existence, with a complete and known history since new. Any Urraco is an extremely rare find, and this particular car, owned by a single owner for almost its entire existence, is an opportunity not to be missed for the Lamborghini completist, or anyone with a passion for rare and lovely Italian cars. For more information on this 1975 Lamborghini Urraco P250, please contact Michael Foertsch at michael@mbrandonmotorcars.com or 832-617-0494.